What to do if I forgot credentials to login to the website.

You can reset your password by navigating to the website home page (Home link on the left) and clicking on Forgot Login.

Your id is your badge number. Follow instructions on the page, your new password will be sent directly to your email box.


Note:  members who joined the club after May 2010 might need to self register (click on link Register).

If you need additional help click on Contact Us link on the left and submit your question.

How To Join RCLRC.

Membership requirements for R.C.L.R.C.

  1. Sponsorship is required.If you know a member in good standing or if you can work at one of the open to the public matches or practices, ask the person in charge or one of the participating members to sponsor you.

  2. 100 work hours are required to become a regular member of R.C.L.R.C. This must be done in 3 years from your acceptance date, at a minimum of 33 1/3 per year (10 of the aforementioned hours must be provided at the annual deer sight.) Deer sight is the 2 weekends prior to the Wisconsin deer gun season. This is not to say that you can only work one of those days, you could work all 4 days and fill your work requirement for that year, if you have the time you can work the 100 hours in 1 year.

  3. A new member will pay a one time initiation fee of $250.00, a non-refundable key fee of $25.00, and prorated dues. Dues are due on March 1, currently $60.00 a year.If you join later in the year prorated dues will be collected for the remainder of the year.

  4. R.C.L.R.C. is an NRA club and proof of NRA membership is part of your dues with proof of membership being required when signing up for, or renewing membership (NRA membership card or mailing label from NRA magazine).You can buy membership thru the club at the club rate of $25.00 per year.

  5. Before receiving your new key you are required to take a range safety walk.

  6. Complete application form attached below. Print clearly, unreadable applications will be rejected.

  7. Mail completed application to:


c/o Cathy Schook

909 Hayes Ave.

Racine, WI 53405

Questions? Contact RCLRC Membership at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Note: Applications must be received two weeks before a board meeting to be accepted at that meeting.

Download this file (RCLRC Member Application.pdf)RCLRC Member Application[ ]299 Kb

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